Meet Nicole

Hi...I'm Nicole.

Nicole Mills

Since I was a teen, I’ve enjoyed the click of the shutter, but it wasn’t until I had my daughter in 2010 that I really began to take photography seriously. Having waited to have a child until I was almost 40, I knew she’d most likely be my only one and I also knew I wanted to capture as many moments of her life as I could.  So, I started learning all I could about photography, and her life so far has been well documented (ok, some might say too much so).

As my daughter grows & evolves into her own person, I’ve come to realize it’s very important to me she understand and accept that “perfect” doesn’t exist. I know from experience the self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy which go along with navigating both childhood and adulthood. And, while I know I can’t eliminate those minefields ahead of her, I will help her to maneuver them gracefully. As her mother, that’s my hope.

As a photographer, my hope is that I can help every girl & woman I photograph recognize and appreciate her beauty...not in what is “perfect” about her appearance, but through what it is that makes her a beautiful person; her strengths and weaknesses, her vulnerabilities, her confidence, and if she has one such as I do, her somewhat lopsided grin.

I hope you'll put your trust in me to photograph you and your loved ones in a manner you'll find to be respectful, meaningful, and memorable.  I want this to be an experience to remember, and I want to provide you images you and your family will treasure forever.

I look forward to photographing you.

nicole mills

Beauty can be seen in all things. Seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.
— Matt Hardy